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Have you ever thought of what it would be like if you moved to a warm country? Have you often dreamed that it would be nice to own a property, for example, by the Mediterranean Sea, where the warm sun and beautiful sea would be your daily companions? But yet again brought yourself back to reality when you started thinking of: “Where to actually go?” and “Which solution would be the right one for me?”. In cooperation with our foreign partners, Rosetree Homes OÜ can offer the best real estate solutions for vacation enthusiasts and investors, as well as for those that want to permanently establish their lives in a foreign country. It has become easier than ever for foreigners to acquire real estate. We offer a variety of real estate properties in Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand, and other countries. Whether it's a one-bedroom apartment or a luxurious villa with an amazing location.



It is important that you use a reliable and professional real estate company that knows local business and can communicate with you in your own language. Buying real estate is not like food shopping where you can just give up if your purchase is unsuccessful. We have a much deeper understanding of different properties, which will save you a lot of money and time.


We commit ourselves to protecting our client’s legal interests, so that the documentation regarding the entire purchase process is always correct, in accordance with local laws, and unambiguous for the customer. We also go together with the clients to see the properties that might suit you. We give a complete overview of the objects – drawings, condition, documentation, etc.


You will no longer have to use Google to find your home. Sounds unbelievable, right? One consultation is enough for finding out what type of property would meet your needs, and we will do everything else.  In cooperation with our contractual partners, we find suitable objects that you will have the possibility of viewing in person. That is exactly how easy it is! Book your time.


It is important for us to provide high-quality customer service, but it is also just as important for us to keep in touch with the customer even after the transaction has been concluded.


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Tõnu Self-employed

I was looking for a summerhouse for a long time in Spain, but thanks to Rosetree Homes, I found the property I wanted and the budget that was planned.